Juell Machine Receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification

July 2018

Juell Machine has received ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certification. These Quality Management System standards are more comprehensive than previous versions and involve nearly every aspect of our operations. ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D were designed for the aviation, space and defense industries and place an emphasis on: Product Safety, Counterfeit Parts Prevention, Risk Management in Operation Processes, Individual Contributions to Product Quality and Safety, and Business Ethics.

Juell Machine first received ISO 9001 certification in June 2005. In the years following, the entire Juell team has worked diligently to continuously improve our processes and refine our company management systems. Today, we enjoy an industry-wide reputation for excellence in quality and customer service with a solid track record of success. Our ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certification is your guarantee that Juell Machine will remain at the forefront of the precision machining industry for many years to come. You can count on it.

New Automatic Horizontal Band Saw

July 2018

Juell Machine has purchased a new Amada HA250W Automatic Horizontal Band Saw. This new saw features rugged construction designed to cut a variety of materials from high-temp alloys to free-machining materials with reliable precision. With a 9.0” diameter capacity and a coolant and chip-disposal systems, this saw can handle the tough jobs and run unattended for extended periods of time.

Not every precision manufacturer has in-house sawing capabilities, but we do. At Juell Machine we like to control the manufacturing process, and this means moving outside processes inside as much as possible. Along with materials sawing, Juell Machine offers: 4-Axis Laser Welding, Laser Marking, Honing, TIG Welding and Stainless Steel Aging all under one roof. Our “one-stop-shop” concept streamlines the manufacturing process and delivers quality, reliability and real value to our customers every day. Contact us to learn more about Juell Machine and what we can do for you.

New Haas DS-30 Twin-Spindle CNC Lathe

December 2012

Juell Machine has purchased a new Haas DS-30 Twin-Spindle CNC Lathe. This high-productivity machine has two spindles with a 12-station turret working in tandem to finish your parts in one swift machining operation instead of two or three or four. The amazing speed and accuracy of this multi-function, high-tech machine tool means that we can produce more parts per hour at a lower overall cost, saving our customers time and money with increased efficiency and flexible deliveries.

The Haas DS-30 features an 18.0” x 26.0” maximum machining capacity with a 31.75” swing and a 3.0” diameter bar capability. The 30-hp, vector-drive main spindle runs at 4,000 rpm with an 10.0” chuck; the secondary spindle has a 20-hp motor at 4,000-rpm and an 8.0” chuck. Our new Haas compliments our Mazak 250 MSY twin-spindle lathe and effectively doubles our multi-spindle turning capacity. Multi-function machining is part of what keeps Juell Machine at the forefront of lean and efficient precision machining technology. Our new CNC lathe is just the latest addition in a long line of precision machining advancements at Juell Machine. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality, cutting-edge machining technology.

A New Scienscope Video Measurement System

January 2010

Juell Machine has added a new XT-2000 VME Scienscope Video Measurement System. This state-of-the-art instrument is designed for non-contact, precision measurement and inspection of very small features with a level of accuracy that was previously next to impossible to achieve. In addition to extremely accurate dimensional measurements, the XT-2000 VME is used to determine the penetration of our laser welds and for metrology inspection.

At Juell Machine, uncompromising quality and reliability are built into every product we make. And, our commitment to cutting-edge inspection technology is just one more way we guarantee your components and assemblies are built to your exact specifications and delivered on time, every time.

In-House Stainless Steel Aging

October 2009

Juell Machine has installed a certified aging oven and Rockwell hardness tester to bring an outside-processing operation inside. “Precipitation-hardening stainless steels purchased in solution-treated condition – 13-8 MO, 15-5 PH & 17-4 PH – require an aging process after machining to achieve the desired hardness,” explains Mike Starr. “Previously, this process was performed by an outside supplier. Now, with our certified, in-house aging equipment, we can accomplish this operation in hours instead of days, saving our customers time and money.”

Indeed, Juell Machine is one of the very few precision machining companies with in-house, stainless steel aging capabilities. Effective process control is one more way that we manage our costs and shorten lead times to offer our customers the best possible prices and the fastest, most reliable deliveries.

Juell Machine is ISO 9001:2000 Registered

June 2005

Juell Machine is proud to announce that we have successfully passed our final audit from DNV and we are now an ISO 9001:2000 Registered Company. ISO 9001:2000 builds upon ISO 9001:1994 by implementing a process-based structure and adopting the process-management approach to quality widely used in business today. ISO 9001:2000 is consistent with the “plan-do-check-act” improvement cycle and is designed to monitor all processes involving quality, from initial contract review to finished product.

Our ISO 9001:2000 registration is our latest achievement in our unrelenting pursuit of excellence in precision machining. Trust Juell Machine to offer you unsurpassed quality and reliability now and into the future.

New Equipment at Juell Machine

March 2005

Juell Machine has recently added two new CNC machine tools. Our Haas VF-1 Vertical Machining Center with 4th axis capabilities adds speed and flexibility in the milling department. Our new Mazak 250MSY CNC Turning Center with live tooling has the capability to machine an entire part in one operation. This new equipment not only increases our shop capacity, it also enhances the level of machining efficiency at Juell Machine.

“At Juell, we are committed to the latest in machining technology,” explains Mike Starr, president. “Our customers demand the best possible service at competitive prices, and we respond with ongoing investments in equipment in order to remain at the cutting edge.” At Juell Machine we have the right combination of manufacturing knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment for all of your precision machining and assembly requirements.

New Haas VF-3 VMC with Full 5-Axis Capabilities

vSeptember 2001

Juell Machine Company has added full 5-axis machining capabilities with the delivery of a Haas VF-3 VMC with built in full fifth-axis. “This new VMC will increase our overall efficiency by decreasing cycle times and reducing set-ups and parts handling for a variety of parts,” explains Ron Starr, production manager. “We will eliminate one entire operation on a high-volume, complex medical part by using this new 5-axis machining center.”

Juell Machine Company is committed to the latest machine tool technology to provide the best possible value for its customers. Modern machining technology backed by fifty years of manufacturing expertise… a winning combination in today’s competitive environment. Stay on the cutting-edge with Juell Machine Company.

Laser Technology at Juell Machine Company

September 2001

A few months ago, Juell Machine Company was experiencing a bottleneck in its production flow because several of the complex medical assemblies that Juell makes require laser welding and marking. “We were outsourcing these laser operations,” explains Mike Starr, president, “but we were experiencing long and unreliable turn-around times from our vendors. The decision was made to take control of these processes and bring the laser welding and marking operations in-house.

Juell Machine Company has made a substantial investment in state-of-the-art equipment and training on these critical operations. Juell Machine Company is now one of the only manufacturers to offer in-house laser marking and 4-axis laser welding. “Not only do we deliver our production parts faster,” continues Mike, “we have cut the development time for prototypes.” Juell Machine Company is your source for top-quality, precision laser welding and marking.

State-of-the-Art Precision Honing

September 2001

As part of a recent effort to control critical manufacturing processes, Juell Machine Company has recently installed a new Sunnen EC-3500 precision honing machine. Juell Machine Company uses this new capability to precision fit components on its medical device assemblies to within .00005". “Our medical device assemblies require exacting tolerances,” explains Ron Starr, production manager. “In-house honing builds quality into each critical component and delivers a reliable product to our customers every time.” Juell Machine Company has the team and the technology. Put them to work for you.

Juell Machine is ISO 9001 & FDA Certified

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