Much More than Just a Machine Shop…

In the new millennium, the term “machine shop” is no longer applicable to a growing number of companies that have evolved beyond traditional precision milling and turning work. Juell Machine Company is at the forefront of this new breed of precision manufacturers. “We have listened to our customers and responded with a full-service manufacturing environment,” explains Mike Starr, president.

In addition to modern CNC machine tools, Juell Machine Company provides its customers with state-of-the-art assembly and testing capabilities, 4-axis laser welding, laser marking, precision honing, TIG welding and more all under one roof. “Our customers benefit from our ‘one-stop-shop’ concept by dealing with one supplier from design to finished product,” continues Mike. “We control the entire manufacturing process to ensure quality and efficiency.” A full-service manufacturing facility is part of the commitment to our customers at Juell Machine Company. Experience it for yourself.

Medical Device Manufacturing

Juell Machine Company is your premier source for medical device manufacturing. “Over the past several years, we have made significant investments in time and equipment in order to provide our customers with a ‘one-stop’ source for medical device assemblies,” explains Ron Starr, production manager. “Our in-house laser welding capability, for example, drastically reduces the production time for new design prototypes.”

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Juell Machine Company as a medical devices manufacturer (#2032090). “Our FDA approval is evidence of our commitment to the medical devices industry,” continues Ron. “We expect our business to double in the next year and stand ready to expand into an additional 11,000 square feet of manufacturing space in order to grow along with our customers.” Juell Machine Company has the knowledge, resources and commitment to handle all of your medical device manufacturing requirements, now and into the future.

State-of-the-Art CAD/CAM & DNC Capabilities

The modern manufacturing environment at Juell Machine Company includes state-of-the-art CAD/CAM and DNC capabilities. Using the latest releases of EdgeCAM©, AutoCAD©, and SolidWorks® software, Juell interfaces seamlessly with customer-supplied digital data sets. “We are able to translate and use all standard digital file formats,” explains Ron Starr, production manager. “We have significantly enhanced the efficiency of our CNC programming efforts using our CAD/CAM and DNC capabilities. This increases quality and value for our customers.”

Juell Machine Company is involved in the design phase of many projects with its customers. “Our manufacturing input has proven to be very valuable,” continues Ron. “We have helped our customers save time and money by improving the ‘produceability’ of their products during the design phase. It is all part of the total commitment to quality and customer service you find in everything we do at Juell Machine Company.”

Production Control Equals Customer Value

A good cost accounting and job tracking system is integral to a well-run, modern manufacturing company. Juell Machine Company uses state-of-the-art Epicor© software to track jobs and provide accurate time and cost data to management. Production control meetings are held each day to address the workflow throughout the organization and ensure that customer delivery schedules and quality requirements are met.

“Juell Machine Company is committed to customer service, and a large part of that is our ability to carefully control our work flow and production costs,” explains Ron Starr, production manager. “Our quality and on-time delivery record is among the best in the business. That means customer satisfaction and repeat business.” In the competitive world of precision manufacturing, trust Juell Machine Company delivery quality on time, every time.

Loyal Employees Make the Difference

Without dedicated, talented employees, a manufacturing company is just a collection of equipment in a building. This is especially true today in the highly competitive, technologically advanced world of precision manufacturing. Juell Machine Company is proud to have some of the most loyal and talented craftsmen in the business. The average employee tenure at Juell Machine Company is over ten years; some have more than fifteen years of service. This single fact speaks volumes about the company and its philosophy.

At Juell Machine Company, you can count on a highly skilled, motivated team of professionals at every phase of the manufacturing process. Everyone is committed to success through unmatched quality and outstanding customer service. Put the Juell Machine Company team to work for you.

Casting Expertise at Juell Machine Company

When it comes to machining castings, knowledge and experience are essential. Juell Machine Company has decades of expertise in machining castings of every shape and size. From proper tooling and torque values to quality and inspection points, Juell Machine Company understands the requirements unique to successful casting machining. “The secret is in a well-planned process,” explains Ron Starr, production manager. “Proper planning and careful implementation of the manufacturing operations make all the difference.”

At Juell Machine Company, each casting job is approached with years of knowledge and machining know-how. From aluminum to Inconel, Juell Machine Company is your source for experience and reliability in precision casting machining.

Juell Machine is ISO 9001 & FDA Certified

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