Juell Machine Company is one of only a handful of small contract manufacturers to offer in-house laser welding services. This cutting-edge process is designed to weld components for critical applications with a level of accuracy that is not possible using conventional welding methods. Juell Machine has made very substantial investments in both equipment and training in order to take control of this vital link in our manufacturing process; benefiting our customers with enhanced quality, reduced costs and reliable, on-time deliveries.

Our Lumonics MS-830 400-Watt 4-Axis CNC Laser Welder is a high-tech machine tool, providing plenty of power to achieve a penetration depth for virtually any application. Before production begins, first article parts are carefully fixtured and a test sample is welded to verify compliance with penetration requirements. The sample is then sectioned, polished and etched to reveal the weld penetration for analysis using our state-of-the-art Scienscope Video Measurement System. After the sample is inspected and verified to meet or exceed our customer’s specifications, we begin the production phase of the laser welding process. Complete first article, in-process and final inspection results are electronically stored for each job and are supplied to our customer with each shipment.

Juell Machine Company can laser weld a variety of materials including: 1100 and 2219 Aluminum Alloy; 17-4 Stainless Steel; 300 Series Stainless Steel; Carbon Steel; Titanium; High-Nickel Alloys such as Monel, Inconel and Hastelloy; and more. In additional to our in-process Laser welding, Juell Machine Company offers Laser welding services for other manufacturers with a typical three to five day turnaround.

When your manufacturing process requires Laser welding, it’s hard to beat the in-house capabilities at Juell Machine Company. Since we control the manufacturing process, we control the quality and the costs; and this enables us to deliver unbeatable quality, on time, at very competitive prices. Let us quote on your next Laser welding requirement; we think you’ll be surprised at what we can do.

Juell Machine is ISO 9001 & FDA Certified

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